Department of Radiation Biology

Mette Villingshøj, Biomedical Laboratory Scientist, MPH

Title: Technician, Deputy Head
Email: mette.villingshoej@regionh.dk
Phone: (+45) 35 45 63 29
Fax: (+45) 35 45 63 01

Date of Birth:

June 8th, 1968

Current Position:

Deputy Head, Biomedical Laboratory Scientist

2000-2003:Master of Public Health, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
1998-2000:Studies in Theory of Education, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
1988-1990:Biomedical Laboratory Scientist, Frederiksberg Hospital, Denmark
1985-1987:High School, Espergærde Gymnasium, Denmark


Professional Experiences:
2005-2011:Deputy Head, Biomedical Laboratory Scientist, Department of Radiation Biology, Copenhagen University Hospital, Denmark
2002-2005:Biomedical Laboratory Scientist, Department of Radiation Biology, Copenhagen University Hospital, Denmark
2002-2005:Master student, Institute of Cancer Epidemiology, Danish Cancer Society, Copenhagen, Denmark
1998-2002:Biomedical Laboratory Scientist, Department of Radiation Biology, Copenhagen University Hospital, Denmark
1996-1998:Biomedical Laboratory Scientist, Coloplast Research, Humlebaek, Denmark
1991-1995:Biomedical Laboratory Scientist, Finsen Laboratory, Copenhagen University Hospital, Denmark
Conferences and Meetings:
Oral Presentations
2004:Villingshoj M, Ross L, Thomsen BL, Johansen C. Influence of changes in the social network on survival among patients with colorectal cancer. 7th World Congress of Psycho-Oncology, Copenhagen, Denmark
 Poster Presentations
2007:Villingshoj M, Andersen P, Stockhausen MT, Ottesen L, Poulsen HS. Improved response by co-targeting EGFR/EGFRvIII and c-Src. American Association for Cancer Research, Annual Meeting 2007, Los Angeles, USA
2007:Awarded “Rigshospitalets Biomedical Laboratory Scientist Award” at Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Denmark
Publications with peer-review
1.Pedersen MW, Pedersen N, Damstrup L, Villingshøj M, Sonder SU, Rieneck K, Bovin LF, Spang-Thomsen M, Poulsen HS. Analysis of the epidemal growth factor receptor specific transcriptome: effect of receptor expression level and an activating mutation. J Cell Biochem. 2005 Oct 1;96(2):412-27.
2.Villingshøj M, Ross L, Thomsen BL, Johansen C. Does marital status and altered contact with the social network predict colorectal cancer survival? Eur J Cancer. 2006 Nov;42(17):3022-7.
3.Spindler KL, Olsen DA, Nielsen JN, Brandslund I, Poulsen HS, Villingshøj M, Jakobsen A. Lack of the type III epidermal growth factor receptor mutation in colorectal cancer. Anticancer Res. 2006 Nov-Dec;26(6C):4889-93.
4.Andersen P, Pedersen MW, Woetmann A, Villingshøj M, Stockhausen MT, Odum N, Poulsen HS. EGFR induces expression of IRF-1 via Stat1 and Stat3 activation leading to growth arrest of human cancer cells. Int J Cancer. 2008 Jan 15;122(2):342-9.
5.Andersen P, Villingshøj M, Poulsen HS, Stockhausen MT. Improved response by co-targeting EGFR/EGFRvIII and Src family kinases in human cancer cells. Cancer Invest. 2009 Feb;27(2):178-83.
6.Stockhausen MT, Broholm H, Villingshøj M, Kirchhoff M, Gerdes T, Kristoffersen K, Kosteljanetz 14 M, Spang-Thomsen M, and Poulsen HS: Maintenance of EGFR and EGFRvIII expression in an in vivo and in vitro model of human glioblastoma multiforme. Exp Cell Res. 2011 Jul 1;317(11):1513-26.
7.Kristoffersen K, Villingshøj M, Stockhausen MT, Poulsen HS: Level of Notch activation determines the effect on growth and stem cell-like features in glioblastoma multiforme neurosphere cultures. Cancer . Cancer Biol Ther. 2013 Jul 1;14(7):625-37.
8.Kristoffersen K, Nedergaard MK, Villingshøj M, Borup R, Broholm H, Kjær A, Poulsen HS,
Stockhausen MT: Inhibition of Notch signaling alters the phenotype of orthotopic tumors formed from glioblastoma multiforme neurosphere cells but does not hamper intracranial tumor growth regardless of endogene Notch pathway signature. Cancer Biol Ther. 2014 Apr 22;15(7).
9.Poulsen HS, Urup T, Michaelsen SR, Staberg M, Villingshøj M, Lassen U: The impact of bevacizumab treatment on survival and quality of life in newly diagnosed glioblastoma patients. . Cancer Manag Res.2014:6 373–387
10.Staberg M, Michaelsen SR, Olsen LS, Nedergaard MK, Villingshøj M, Hamerlik P, Poulsen HS: Combined EGFR- and Notch inhibition display additive inhibitory effect on Glioblastoma cell viability and Glioblastoma-induced endothelial cell sprouting in vitro. Cancer Cell International. Cancer Cell Int.2016 Apr 26; 16:34. doi: 10.1186. PMID: 27118928
11.Staberg M, Michaelsen SR, Rasmussen RD, Villingshøj M, Poulsen HS, Hamerlik P: Inhibition of histone deacetylases sensitizes glioblastoma cells to Lomustine. Cell Oncol (Dordr). 2016 Oct 20. PMID: 27766591







The Finsencenter, Section 6321, Copenhagen University Hospital, Blegdamsvej 9, DK-2100 Copenhagen, Denmark